Love, Gaspard

Portrait on Toilet

This is a true find. It’s rare that one comes across a true artiste, but when one does it’s on the streets of Paris, literally!

The above seen photo was found by an employee of a small camera shop not far from the Louvre. She happened to open an envelope of unclaimed photographs printed from a kiosk in the plaza across the street.

“We just found him adorable,” explains the manager of the operation. “We loved this handsome old guy so much, we blew the picture up poster size and put it on display in the window. Although it was good for business, when it sold for over €250,000 we were thrilled. It is now in a private collection, but we may or may not have printed this cutie’s likeness on a few hundred limited and numbered napkins!”

So who is this whimsical dude? Flash back a few years, when the image below was found on Christmas day all over Paris! On all the tables of cafes, in post offices, even in the cars that transport tourists to the top of the Eiffel Tower! Hence, this underground artist’s moniker. Know only to us as Love, Gaspard, we wait on pins and needles for his next work!



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