Cynthia’s Story



“Awful pretty girl,” Cythia Jones-Bur said after her first botched nose job (pictured below). “That’s what Mummy and Doddy used to say. Well, now what?”

Luckily she was able to have the nose job reversed, but due to the massive doses of opioids she ingested during this year-long journey to hell and back, Cynthia went from “awful pretty girl” to backyard drunk!

Dr. Charles Seagate put her in a medical coma in 2016, for a year. He said it takes a year to get over a year. Although Cynthia was nearly starved to death in this coma, she recovered. In fact, she’s still recovering, but we are pleased to say she’s been clean and sober since emerging from “dreamtown” she calls it (the coma).



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