Night Technique

Night clubbing. Night clubbing. We walk like a ghost. —Grace Jones.

On 1/12/19— Maharishi’s 100th birthday—I learned the Night Technique. The same night as a beautiful man from Chicago’s south side, Israel—a.k.a. Bigbellyrelli—and a beautiful woman from North Africa. I swear her name was Najeem. But online it says that’s a boy’s name! Her name is not Najeem.

It’s the 21st century, maybe she was a man? No… no. I joke. But her name most definitely was not Najeem. But where did that name come from in? Why is it in my head. I will meet a Najeem.

The name and the spelling came to me in a flash, like a split-second dream. But that most certainly was not my female North African friend’s name.

Oh god, I’m so discombobulated today. I’m real bad off. I’m “scared to death,” as I used to say before cognitive behavior therapy, as my mom would say. But not really. It’s not that bad, people! Chill. Jesus. These emotive words feed the dismay, like fuel on the fire. Whatever. Fuck it.

So, I had my Night Technique checked last night just before bed and, I must say, bed was beautiful. When you are presented with an Advanced Technique of the Transcendental Meditation program by a teacher, you are always told, every time, “By the way, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi said all you need is the TM technique to work your way up through the ranks to enlightenment. You don’t need an Advanced Technique, but if you’re up for it, hey, what’s it gonna hurt?” They are nourishment for TM.

I’m silly. Seriously. “Work your way up through the ranks?” That doesn’t even make sense to me, but I said it because…. because, whatever. The Advanced Techniques are, for lack of a better word, fun!

My first Advanced Technique, the Night Technique, is a beautiful thing. I’m so grateful I have it now. It puts me to bed at a decent hour because I can’t wait to do it. But warning, TM and the Advanced Techniques will open your eyes. Warning. Warning. Danger? Hell no. The opposite of danger. You’ll see it coming.

But if you have your Transcendental Meditation technique (TM) then you’re fine, really. I’m just bragging. If you don’t, keep reading, but just go learn. Or not. It’s all in the divine order really.

Oh woh is me, oh Christian God, “But I’m an atheist.” OK my god, good for you! So, great to hear, we’re all super impressed.

TM is not a religion. Still, seriously? I’m proud that your’e following current trends and you’re an atheist with no belief in a spirit or anything but… but what? Do you believe in anything??

No real thought to it, it  just to look cool, to not think, to tow the party line. Like showing off that you have friends of color. Or for that matter when a white straight male brags about having gay friends. Or when a… uh… a man of color brags he has a gay friend, for that matter. Or, “I’m gay and I’ve been beat up.” Or, “I’m just average, nothing has ever happened, I’m all alone.” Poor thing? No, lucky you! I’ll have more to say about that in another post. I’m on a roll…

I love my Night Technique. It’s just a little icing on the cake. But at 5:55 am, when I finished my TM technique this morning—as I have every day for a year—I laid back down for a bit. No, wait, I’ve meditated at 5:15 or so, every morning, for a year. 5:30 today, oh god, oh god. I would say, “Big mistake,” but there are no mistakes.

Isn’t that a comfort? There are no mistakes!

This is why we don’t need advice and this is why we try to give advice sparingly. At the end of the day you’re going to do what you. Your friends and family and coworkers, they’re going to do what they do despite your attempt at “management” of the situation.

They do what they do and that’s what they’re  supposed to do, even if you do it, the same thing, or something different, with or without advice. Oh god, the advice. You follow advice or you don’t follow advice or you give advice and you don’t take advice and you don’t even follow your own advice or you’re just dead inside, or whatever. You’ve been waiting a day or you’ve been waiting a decade…

You just did it. What you end up doing is what you were supposed to do, at the end of the day. At the end of the decade.. Then it’s over. In the twinkle of an eye, in the bat of a lash, it’s over.

Even a millisecond later, it’s over. The moment has passed.

I should have stayed in motion this morning, but I didn’t, so, “Should have?” Fuck it.

Motion keeps the meditative affect in effect. Big mistake? Not this once. Not this ever. Just keep at it. Just keep moving and you’re moving toward enlightenment.. It will come like a thief in the night.

Within the next millisecond, it will all be beautiful.





Oh and also Grace Jones 🙂


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